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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another post of no content!

So, yay me, I get to start volunteering tomorrow! It's not quite a paying job, but I get to keep in practice and do something I really enjoy!

Also, it's nearer to the comic shop so it increases the likelihood that I'll finally get to catch up. (SO BEHIND.)

On the plus side, I've found myself watching a lot of sci fi television. Such as Stargate Atlantis, which I'd loved, but stopped watching on account of no longer getting the Sci-Fi channel in college. I won't say the show doesn't have it's problems, but well...there's awesomeness too.

Also, the main character is pretty much an anime style princess. Like Sailor Moon. He keeps befriending people out of the pureness of his crazy, crazy heart. When he's not shooting them. That sort of thing makes me smile.

But yeah, work tomorrow! Yay!


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