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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy July!

Holy crap, I went too damn long without blogging. I blame the bar exam, because it's easy to blame it. But I'm gonna do my best to blog more from now on.

Unfortunately, that's hard when you don't have content. I haven't read many comics lately and that's not likely to change until the end of the month (if I survive it).

Some quick opinion shots though: I'm actually liking Wonder Woman's new costume. I prefer the original, but a girl likes to change it up now and then. :-)

I'm not fond of what I've heard about the changes made to her background. Especially killing off Hippolyta, again. I haven't read even the preview of the issue though, so I'll admit, it might be better in context than what it sounds like.

Really though, for actual COHERENT thoughts about this, you should probably go visit someone else.

I'm also enjoying all the First Class movie rumors. (Kind of figured that Emma would be there, and I love Banshee, so possible yay!) So yeah, that's what's up with me. :-)


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