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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Personal Update

It's probably a sign that I'm still impaired that I'm vastly amused by the time stamp on this entry. I JUST missed Monday. Oops. I've become such a slacker blogger.

On the plus side, I've mostly recovered (after a coughing jag last night that had my poor suitemate asking through the bathroom door if I needed any of her medicine or water or something in her achingly sincere, not-yet-jaded sweet undergrad way. I was fine really, I just tend to cough like my body is trying to expel my lungs. It's pretty gross, but not a sign of impending death or anything). I can breathe sans Nyquil, and my voice is only an octave lower than my usual speaking register.

I've officially moved from baritone to tenor range, I think. Awesome. Maybe tomorrow I'll actually sound like someone with two x-chromosomes.

I'd blog about comics, but let's be honest, I've been spending far too much time moaning, feeling sorry for myself, and infecting my best friends (poor Matt. Such a nice guy. Now plague victim.) to hit the comic shop.

I did however get me some French Silk pie from the cafeteria before it closed, so well. I'm happy. Also, enjoying your recs. Thanks guys!

I have determined that I do not understand the show: Tosh.0. I think I'm getting too old for insomnia, late night tv doesn't make sense to me anymore. Too bad.


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