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Friday, October 09, 2009


Ech. I hate early October. Always get sick in early October. On the plus side, I got myself a new keyboard (cheap too!) and Nyquil. Amusingly, the self-scan decided I should be carded for buying the crap. (Is Nyquil the drug of choice for kids these days?) Depressingly, the checkout girl just waved me through rather than look at my ID.

Crap. No more carding. I officially look old. Oh well.

On the plus side, I got to watch a terrible Vin Diesel movie, (Babylon A.D., if you're curious) that even my friend who is a big Vin Diesel buff hated. Oddly, I kind of liked it. But then I was playing Ultima IV at the time and was busy trying to find the NPC in Yew that could tell me where to find the stone of justice during the boring parts. (I already know where the stone is, having played it before, but I'm trying to play organically. Really though, it's kind of obvious, so I'm thinking about just "intuiting" it once I learn about the others.)

Anyway, I wasn't expecting it to make sense at the end. Sadly my friends were. They were disappointed, I was all "Well, explosions?"

Then we watched Get Smart for a bit, and that was more fun. Maxwell Smart is actually a lot more competent, in his own way, then I remembered him being. It's a weird but oddly compelling balance of idiocy and competence. Don Adams looked so young back then too!

Now though, I intend to drug myself happily with Nyquil and sleep until I can freakin' breathe again. Yay!


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