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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No Post Today

I'm the only person I know klutzy enough to manage to wrench my neck while USING THE COMPUTER. Ow.

I am starting to have a weird sort of cognitive dissonance when I see the Star Trek movie commercials. I see Pine, Urban, Pegg, and I'm fine with them, because heck, recasting is logical, and no one expects them to look like the originals. But then I see Quinto, and that girl playing Uhura, who actually DO bear something of a resemblance to the original actors or at least share certain traits. Then it goes back to Pine, Urban, Pegg, et al, and I'm all "...who are those people?!"

Irrationally, my brain thinks if some of the actors vaguely resemble the originals, all of them should. I'll get over it, especially if the movie rocks as much as I'm starting to think it will, but it's still weird on my brain.

On a mostly unrelated note, am I the only one who watches Star Trek: The Motion Picture and feels really bad for Decker? I mean, I'm an original series fan, so I do get the whole "Yay! Kirk is back and in charge!" glee, but if you think about it, he just wrenched it by force from some poor guy, who never even did anything wrong! And he's never really called on it! (That's not even getting into the hot alien girlfriend dying and banging/merging with a lost space probe part either. And THEN the poor bastard ended up on Seventh Heaven for fucking eternity! What the hell did he DO in his past life to deserve THAT?)

I mean it's in character, but still, Kirk is a dick.

Now I'm off to swallow some aspirin and go to bed.


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