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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Since the new year's officially started, I figured I'd post my resolutions! At least the comic/blogging ones!

1) Post every single day! (Hey, I managed it thus far. Everyone needs an easy resolution to start with. :-))

2) Post more substantial and/or essay posts. (This one's much harder. :-))

3) Don't waste money on comics not to my taste. (There was no damn reason for me to have kept buying Robin for so long, I barely read the damn thing.)

4) Post more positive things about comics. (Because I do love them.)

5) Post more negative things about comics. (What are blogs if not to bitch.)

6) Comment more on other people's blogs. (Honestly, I'm really just remarkably lazy.)

7) Reply more often to comments here. (See above.)

8) Make more of an effort to buy comics ON TIME.

9) Stop whining about not being able to read comics on time. :-)

10) Read a wider variety of comics in general.

11) Write more regularly.

12) And most importantly: pass my first year of law school! :-)

We'll see if I can keep up with them!


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