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Friday, November 09, 2007

Public Service Announcement

Okay, I only just now noticed that blogger now allows you to subscribe to a particular comment thread. (I have no idea how long this was in place. I am THAT oblivious.)

For the record, I do NOT advise that you do that here at PFP. Why? Because I almost never end up typing only one comment. I am always deleting and rewriting often to just fix one stupid word.

And sometimes I fix a lot more than that...general inconsistancies, incoherencies, because it's way too damn long (yes, sometimes my replies get too long for even ME, and considering the ones I leave up, that's saying something) and...let's say sometimes my initial reaction doesn't read as diplomatic as I actually intend. Which I suppose is just more evidence that I'm a lot more of a bitch than I might appear at first glance. :-)

I don't actually intend to spam any of you, but I'm so used to seeing my comments in print and realizing "Hey this doesn't say what I wanted it to at all!"

So yeah. Seriously. This is my public service announcement. If you don't MIND being spammed endlessly, or you have some perverse interest in how many times/attempts it takes me to hammer out a reply that actually says what I want it to, or what kind of things I'm apt to say before my temper cools and common sense rears its ugly head, I can't stop you.

I guess I could market it as a special bonus feature. The REAL Kalinara exposed! Subscribe now. But only if you have the stomach.

Ooo, tawdry. Heh.


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