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Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Character Lists!

Okay, so like Rich, I also forgot to get my lists of top ten DC and Marvel characters together to send them in to Brian Cronin's thingy.

But since my tastes are known to change occasionally, I'm very opinionated, and I like telling random people my likes and dislikes out of the blue (and most importantly...I need a blog post) I figured I'd list mine anyway.



1. Guy Gardner/Green Lantern

I'm sure this is an immense shock to everyone. Really. I know. I'm shocked too. I've blogged many times about my love for Guy so I probably don't need to do so again, suffice to say, the biggest appeal about the man is that he's a Weeble. Seriously, his ENTIRE decades-long existance is people or fate knocking him down and him unaccountably swinging right back up again. I dig that in a character. The fact that he's mouthy, seekritly squishy, and smarter than he tends to act are just icing on the cake. :-)

2. Sanderson Hawkins/Sandman

Sandy's actually officially tied with Guy in my heart, but the fact that he's gotten maybe three speaking lines in the past year (and even LESS before that) has dropped him down a little. I still love him though, whether he's a snarky little bastard of a sidekick or a quiet little bastard of a sand-monster.

Now if he could just get panel time? Please?

3. Wally West/Flash

I swear to god, I have no idea how he got here. Seriously. None. I've always liked Wally, but it took him showing up at the end of the Lightning Arc to make me realize that I love the jerk. Also marathon sessions of reading Baron/Messner-Loeb Flash comics didn't hurt. Dating a married woman and all.

4. Kyle Rayner/Green Lantern

Floofy artist with no attention span. I don't care what anyone else says, I dig the Parallax costume and the many many teeth. I still don't understand the complaints that Sinestro Corps War is somehow making Kyle look bad either. Please don't explain them to me. I seriously don't care that much. :-P

5. Kara Zor-L/Karen Starr/Power Girl

Power Girl is awesome. And Chairman. And she deserves to be.

6. Tim Drake/Robin

I've gotten to the point where I think I like the idea of Tim Drake better than I like the actuality. (Also as scheming little bastards go, Sand's kind of overshot him in my book. Tim never let his team believe that the other half was dead. And if he DID send a team member to essentially play Russian Roulette with a bad guy who kills on sight, he'd have the decency to guilt about it.)

On the other hand, he did try to clone his best friend, so he's still up here.

7. Linda Park

Probably my favorite DC love interest. Lois Lane is cool too, of course, but let's face it, Clark's a lot easier to have as a husband than Wally is. I'm glad she's back.

8. Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

He's a doofus and an egotist, but he's MY doofus and egotist. I like that the writers rarely ever shy from showing those sides of him either. Even when he's cool and the "greatest Lantern ever", he's still an arrogant jerk who gets felled by ceiling tires or bangs his head in the Batmobile.

9. John Stewart/Green Lantern

I'm a Lantern fan at heart. <3. John is cool and he shines best both on Earth and in a group setting where his cool and brains and stability let him anchor the rest of the maniacs he works with. (I did love Mosaic, don't get me wrong, but all in all, I think he's best served on Earth. Or at least planet-bound)

10. Kate Spencer/Manhunter

Temperamental, Golden Age ties, willing to kill, and a lawyer. I can't not love Kate! Now if only her series'll come back sooner rather than later!

Marvel (Assume 616 unless otherwise noted)

1. Steve Rogers/Captain America

...Yeah, yeah. He shot up there. After he dies, of course, shut up. But this may explain my very likely irrational insistance that he's going to be back sooner rather than later.

Most of my love is for the 616 version, but I do have a really bizarre affection for the quietly crazy 1602 version. Rohjaz clearly lost it along the way, but he also throws serving trays at things and that's just cool.

2. Nick Fury

Because he's awesome. And he makes me laugh.

I like all versions of Nick Fury, though I admit I'm more partial to 616 than Ultimate. Ultimate Nick Fury's great too, but he seems so...sane. You look at him and you're like "I can totally see why people follow him." Where as you look at 616 Nick Fury and it's like "That man is out of his head!!!"

I always did like the crazy.

And yes, I have been reading more Marvel lately, if you can't tell by my shifting list.

3. Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

Best. Unthinkable. Resurrection. Ever. It totally should not have worked, but it did. And it's awesome. And even though I worry he's going to get killed off again, I do love him so. Pragmatic angst rocks. (Does Nightwing clothesline a purse snatcher mid-brood, I don't think so!)

4. Hank Pym/Whatever-He-Is-Calling-Himself

Poor Hank, no one can let go of that one little instance. I like him though. He's so very flawed, but he's interesting. And being one of the few comic book heroes with a legitimate mental illness (as opposed to "look how crazy I am!" goofiness, Starman) intrigues me. I want to see him interact more with Victor from Runaways.

5. Eli Bradley/Patriot

...Okay, I'll say it right now, that whole MGH thing...really BAD IDEA, HEINBERG. Aside from that though, I really do think Patriot's remarkably nifty. I like that unlike most teenaged type heroes that have issues with their adult counterpart, Eli's aren't run of the mill or "manufactured" at all. And Cap seems to recognize that. Also, he's smart, strong willed and an awesomely good leader, which I tend to like. :-)

While I insist that Steve WILL be back in his costume soon, goddamnit, I'd love to see a story where Steve ends up meeting a kickass Captain America from ten-fifteen years in the future, who saves his ass and then they team up and it turns out to be Eli. I would be all "D'awww!"

6. Teddy Altman/Hulkling

He's so cute! And nice! And his origins fuck up the Marvel floating 10 year timeline like mad! (Unless Skrull-Krees mature faster or something). I can't not like that. Also, he's cute with Wiccan.

7. Sam Wilson/Falcon

Falcon's just awesome. Even if his costume's incredibly dorky. Seriously. Has that man EVER had a decent costume? Ever?

Still. Awesome. And he once let Steve live in his office. And that's just really sweet. And I like his bird.

8. Sharon Carter

Really, I just like ALL of Cap's supporting cast. Sharon's just nifty though. Even with the rampant sexism of the Silver Age, she managed to be kick-ass. I even liked her relationship with Steve there. He was sexist, sure, but it was a relatable sort of sexist, I think. There's a difference between not necessarily wanting the person you love in a dangerous job and just being a dick to women in general. I mean, no question there's a double standard, but still...

Anyway, I just really really like Sharon. Especially when she shoots or karate chops things. Okay, not so much when she shot STEVE, but that wasn't her fault. He'd forgive her anyway. :-)

9. Scott Summers/Cyclops

I like them uptight and with issues. Also well...I dunno. He was my first Marvel love. He's a dick and has a really bad romantic track record and issues up the wazoo and kids from alternate dimensions and the future...

I just really like him. Besides, most of those issues and dickitude's totally Xavier's fault.

10. Pete Wisdom

I know, I know, he's the quintessential Warren Ellis snarky misanthropic Brit. I like him anyway. He's hot, I dig the suit, and his glowy knife things are shiny. I'm shallow, what can I say?


Anyway, that's my list! :-) Blog post done! Going to sleep!


  • At September 15, 2007 10:27 AM, Blogger SallyP said…

    Your taste is excellent. Thank God you didn't list Snapper Carr! Sandy is growing on me, but as you said, he hasn't had an awful lot to do lately.

    On the Marvel side, I've got to admit that I think Aaron Stack is hilarious...and seriously disturbed. But Bucky is pretty cool.

    A Bucky/Nightwing crossover would be fun. Battle of the former sidekicks!

  • At September 15, 2007 12:47 PM, Blogger Erich said…

    Well, you may have missed the chance to vote in Brian's survey, but Jon over at Facedown in the Gutters is holding one of his own...and he's taking lists of not just 10, but 25 favorite characters from each universe.

    His voting is open until Wednesday the 19th...I sent in my lists last night.


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