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Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Want More Crimson Avenger, Please!

You know what character I really think is nifty, and really want to see more of?

Jill Carlysle. The current Crimson Avenger.

I'm not sure if she really qualifies as a hero or a villain but I just think she's spiffy.

For one thing, I love her costume. The trigger-less guns and the blindfold are creepy as all hell. I do wish she'd pull up her pants, but I like how she looks tough and a little sexy, but in a nonchalant and unintentional way. She looks like she's dressed for efficiency and comfort. I dig that.

I also like how essentially non-gendered her concept is. Her origin story could easily be a man's or a woman's.

I'd like to note that I also enjoy heroines who dress deliberately sexy and have nothing really against female-specific concepts either. I just really like the variety. There's room for all sorts.

You know, I'd really like to see her show up in a Manhunter book actually. The two characters really have a lot of striking similarities. Both are lawyers who lost cases against obviously guilty defendents who finally chose to take matters into their own hands. Both women are relatively non-sexualized (while still being attractive) and both have ties to the Golden Age, including the inheritance of traditionally male legacies.

Jill would make a very interesting adversary (or ally) for Kate. Sort of a "There but for the grace of God, go I" sort of parallel going on there. The Crimson Avenger is also incredibly scary as a concept. She's so impersonal and inhuman, driven only by need for vengeance. It's uncertain how much of "Jill Carlysle" is really left in there. It's a concept I'd really like to see utilized more in depth.

She would also be particularly interesting interacting with the Spectre as well. I was dissatisfied with that series, but I'd really like to see more of him around the DCU. (A Crimson Avenger and Spectre comic book would be neat! And yes, in my fantasy she gets top billing, because I like her more. :-))

I just think she's a fantastic concept that really really should be played with more often! She's awesome!


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