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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bizarre Thought...

I was just reading something that described each of the Titans East members as "dark reflections" of the Titans kids.

Which got me thinking. I personally think they're setting Batgirl up for a redemption arc. Especially as she hasn't done anything worse than Rose had, and I remember DC Panels at the conventions last year talking about "returning Batgirl to her origins...

But that's a tangent. I just had the thought about Batgirl as a reflection of Robin.

But which character is seemingly predestined toward evil? Having shot/Will shoot Dualla Dent in the face in at least one future? Has been trying to clone his best friend?

Heck, which character allowed Shiva alone with a dangling King Snake in one of his origin miniseries with the verbal acknowledgement that he didn't believe the latter would come out alive?

Are we SURE which one is intended to be the "dark" reflection? :-)


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