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Sunday, October 01, 2006


This monday the second half of the Heroes premiere will air. I'm looking forward to it. I managed to catch the first half last week and while it's no JLA Pilot (We Were Robbed not getting that as a show), it's okay.

Started off terribly slow, but there were a few twists later that genuinely surprised me. The ending made me go "Whoa".

I've heard actually some complaints about the female characters. One is a cheerleader, frequently in uniform, one is an Internet stripper/single mom. In some sense I see what they're saying, but in the other sense, I think they may be being a little hasty. It's the first half of the first episode after all.

The stripper lady IS pretty cliched down to the uncontrollable, violent power. But the cheerleader really doesn't seem to be the same. She's in uniform because her scenes tend to take place during the day. I admit, I personally hadn't noticed, being too distracted of her pushing her bones back in.

Stripper lady is a martyr doing everything for her son, but the cheerleader is shallow, whiny and very very teenaged. It's not necessarily a pleasant look at adolescence, but it's pretty accurate. I like her so far.

I don't know what to make of tragic painter/heroin addict guy. He's attractive but he seems like he could get old real fast.

Of the two brothers I found the jerky politician brother more interesting than the nurse. But hey, nurse might be pretty but he can't quite match Adrian Pasdar. Besides, I think their family dynamic is more layered than immediately obvious.

Hiro is darling. Genuine enthusiasm!

I think the Kitty Pryde mistake was intentional on the part of the writers. Think about it! What do geeks love most? One-upping people with our geek expertise. So if you can get a thousand geeks to feel superiour watching your show they might come back!

I'd totally do that.

Where are the villains though? Aside from that one guy...and Lex Luthor he isn't.

Well. I'll watch for at least another week. :-)

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  • At October 01, 2006 12:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Honestly, my complaint with the show isn't the stereotyping with the women or anything - it's the angst. Loads and loads of angst.

    I tried watching it, and the only character I liked was Hiro. Why? Because he's the only character who seems to enjoy his powers.

    The brothers were okay, and I don't have any strong opinion on the junkie/prophetic artist. But neither really clicked with me or elicited anything other than annoyance.

    The stripper/mom was pretty much Rose & Thorn with a tawdry martyr angle thrown in, and frankly, if I want Rose & Thorn, I will bug DC to give Gail Simone another mini for her/them.

    And finally, ten bucks says the girl's plot line goes like this - she enjoys her powers but learns they're a curse when !gasp! her evil daddy killed her birth parents and adopted her out of a desire to study her.

    It's angsty for angstiness sake, and it's predictable. It just didn't sell me at all. Except Hiro. He deserves his own show, a sort of travelogue.

  • At October 01, 2006 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think I was interested enough to give it one more week...but at the same time, they're definitely trying their hardest to appeal to the jaded prime time drama crowd (which I suppose is a necessity). The overarching angst and gloom is a little much.

    Not being a real believer in Jeph Loeb (one of the producers), I don't trust his storytelling instincts to take things in a direction with big payoffs (much like his comics) or, for that matter, coherency.

    I thought Hiro was dancing the razors edge of racial caricature most of the episode, as if were somehow okay for the "Asian Guy" to go all goofy and giddy (flashes of the tried and true "Asian tourist" stereotype), yet all of the American mutants are all cool and low-key about everything. Bleh.

    Oh...and if I have to sit through ONE MORE storyline with a noble single mother stripper/hooker/hoochie mama, I will have a nervous breakdown. Well, not really...but it's so far beyond "old" it's difficult to come up with a new descriptor.

    Still, there seemed to be enough stuff done well (like the Indian professor and his dad's mysterious story), that I'll be back for the conclusion of the pilot. Beyond that? Probably not....unless something happens in part 2 of the pilot that really grabs me.

    By the way, I guess all of the artwork by the "painter prophet" was actually done by Loeb's frequent collaborator Tim Sale.

  • At October 01, 2006 10:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think this show has a great future...but then,I thought that about Father of the Pride,too....

  • At October 02, 2006 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I liked it quite a bit. Sure it was angsty, but the angst factor is about 1/10th of other prime-time dramas. (I mean, the various CSIs and Law and Orders make the angst in this look like joyous celebrations - especially Special Victims Unit - brrr - depressing).

    Mainly I liked the characters of Hiro and Mohinder the best - both are interesting and actually seem the most fleshed out (even Hiro, who comes across as a bit of a stereotype). Claire (the cheerleader) was another interesting character who is pretty sterotypical right now, but with a lot of potential for growth.

    The rest - meh, mostly filler characters. The brothers are kind of feeble (ooh another cynical politician and flighty dreamer pairing - how original), and I suspect that one of them will actually become a villain (the predictable one is the politician, but if they wanted to throw a bit of a twist on things they might make it the dreamer). Yes, Niki is a "hooker with a heart of gold" mixed with "The Incredible Hulk", but she has some room for growth and I love the potential for her son's character - who I suspect will turn out to be a genius inventor-type or genius hacker-type or both as the show requires. And of course, Isaac - the prophet who fortells the future in his paintings. I suspect he's more of a "plot device" character, and whether he turns out to be anything interesting will hinge almost entirely on the ability of the actor playing him to do interesting things with him.

    All in all, I'm hopeful for the second half - it could dive into either cheese or mediocrity fairly easily, but it had a strong start for a TV drama. I'm cautiously optimistic.

  • At October 02, 2006 1:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Actually, I had another thought. Part of the reason that some of the characters are so angsty (particularly Claire and Isaac, but also Nikki) is because they think that they're freaks. They don't yet know that what they're going through is being shared by anyone else, and they have no explanation at all for what's happening to them.

    Hiro, because he has a frame of reference for what's going on and has some "people" who he can refer to who have shared his experience (even if they are fictional superheroes) can revel in his powers. Claire, a cheerleader - which is TV shorthand for "pretty and popular" - can't break outside her own teen angst to see that this is something big and possibly wonderful for her - yet.

    I don't think I'd really thought much about that before until I read mela's comment, but that comment made things kind of fit together for me, so thank's mela!

    (And if they kill Hiro off early, I'll be supremely peeved...)

  • At October 02, 2006 2:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Check the NBC channel the gov debate may delay it at least an hour. If you miss it don't worry, I'm taping the whole block tonight.:)

    Anyone notice that the cheerleader is very Logan like, I immediately thought "Wolverine clone" when she talked about her "atempts".

    Hiro is what all us geeks want to be:)

  • At October 02, 2006 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I heard that the first major super-villain for the first season will be introduced by the end of the second episode (i.e. - the 2nd half of the original pilot)

    For my part, I'm hopeful. I love Hiro's character of course (Am I the only one who saw the conversation between him and his co-worker and thought "Are Giffen and DeMatthias writing this?") and most of the other characters intrigue me at the least.

    I get the feeling that what's going on with the stripper is more complex than just Incredible Hulk or Rose and Thorn... but that's just a hunch.

    And the brothers just make me think... wow, we NEED an Ex Machina TV series to do this right.

    And yes... I know that a lot of these ideas are old hat to us hard-core geeks. But people I know who never read a comic in their lives are asking me "are they all like this?" after watching this show and I can say, with an honest grin, "No. Most of them are better."

  • At October 03, 2006 1:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Star: confirmed

    and it turns out both bro's can fly. That seen where pete learns the truth is the best yet IMHO.

    I got preempted from taping it Kal but you can pull the whole thing off


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