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Friday, September 01, 2006

EiE Infusing Estrogen into the JSA 4: Wonder Woman

This goes without saying, but I'd really like to see Hippolyta brought back as the JSA's Wonder Woman. Every other major casualty of OWAW came back after all. I want to see Hippolyta back too!

Of course, being Queen might not leave a lot of time for heroing, which might not matter so much if she's only a reserve but it'd still be nice to have a Wonder Woman there full time.

I actually suggest Donna. I've heard the argument that as a Titan, very Earth-1 character, she doesn't belong. Which I agree, IF the new Donna is that character. I don't think the Donna in Wonder Woman is written the same as the Donna we saw in those history segments at the end of 52, and it's more than just a year passing as the cause, I think.

Donna is supposed to have counterparts on more than a few Earths after all, I would be happy if this Donna were the amalgamation of a new character.

I've posted some possibilities for this new Donna before. She had been referred to as Diana's sister which might have just been an Amazon term, but I thought it very interesting that during Crisis, the Cathy Lee Crosby/Debra Winger Earth was highlighted. In that Earth, Wonder Girl had been her little sister.

My vote is still that they use the Amazonian immortality as an excuse and pace it so that Diana was born some time at the end of the 1800s, beginning of the 1900s. She might age slower than we do, which would make her still a kid when Hippolyta emerges from Themyscira to fight nazis. (I like this part of WW's background and want to keep it in the form of Hippolyta, no time travel needed.) Since we know that Hippolyta and Wildcat would be very cool to use him as Donna's father. That way Diana is still the special baby made by the Goddesses and yet have Donna as a sister.

Even if that's not the case though, I think the WW Donna would benefit from JSA membership. Her defeat in Wonder Woman shows, I think, that she is not nearly as experienced as the Donna Troy we remember. She seems younger and less confident, she's got a lot more to learn. The JSA would be a good place for that.

She'd be a good perspective in a group. She's got a lot of Teen Titans experience. This sets her and the new Liberty Belle apart from the ex-Infinity Inc characters, as the Titans are a whole different ball game. They'd know different tactics and methods that would be useful.

She'd be good at dealing with the young characters like Jakeem and Courtney. While she's not the only one with adolescent heroic experience, she's in the best position to effectively use it with the kids. Except for the brief Young All-Stars stint, Sand had never really worked with other adolescent heroes, while Jesse doesn't really have, I think, the same empathetic tendencies. The Infinity Inc folks were all a bit older when they adventured, so it's not quite the same.

One complaint I've heard is that Hippolyta looked a bit too much like Diana, which took away from Diana's uniqueness. I've always thought the artists made an effort to differentiate them, but I can see the point. Donna though looks completely different and always has (even when she was the silly mirror twin). Her Wonder Woman costume is really different and interesting and strikingly different from Diana's.

Finally and most importantly, I think it'd be good to have her in the JSA because it would be a brand new direction for her. One much more organic feeling than all the Troia-Depowered-Titan-Whatever shifts that the character had been through before. I think having a brand new, stable setting would ensure that this character develop in ways that take her in a completely different direction than the original character. There probably wouldn't be a need for any of that nonsense ever again.

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  • At September 01, 2006 1:03 PM, Blogger R.Nav said…

    They look too much the same? Bah! Give Hippolyta the old Wonder Woman curls & the skirt and you're set.

    Sure, you'll want to tweak the design a bit but yes. my answer is: Skirt and Curly hair.

  • At September 01, 2006 1:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I don't know if I'd want Donna to be the love child of Hippolyta and Wild Cat, but I like the idea of Donna being in the new Justice Society of America. And, why not? If Hippolyta was really the Golden Age Wonder Woman (which I'm hoping is still part of continuity) and Donna is Wonder Woman's sister, Donna would have every right to be a member of the Justice Society as a legacy character.

    Honestly, though, I would love to see Donna have her own solo series. If they are trying to bring Wonder Woman up to a place where she can support more books, which I'm assuming includes family books, I think that Donna would bring a unique experience that both does justice to the Wonder Woman family, yet differs enough from Diana that her stories would be different. Donna, in many ways, has more of a touchstone to humanity in much the same way that Nightwing does compared to Batman. This, to me, could be very exciting.

  • At September 01, 2006 5:50 PM, Blogger Zaratustra said…

    The JSA could use some of the Younger Female Versions With Perky Breasts (YFVWPB) that Geoff Johns just littered Teen Titans with.

  • At September 01, 2006 6:58 PM, Blogger Richard said…

    Sorry to nitpick, but I'm sure you know the Cathy Lee Crosby Wonder Woman was from a lone tv-movie that had no continuity connection to the Lynda Carter series which included Debra Winger as Wonder Girl. The Infinite Crisis appearance was a clever mashup of the two.

    For those who never saw the Crosby version...well, I seem to be the only person who remembers liking it. Maybe I have no taste! It's been described as an "Emma Peel" version, but she did have the costume and the invisible plane, we did get to see the Amazons on Paradise Island, and it had a nice plot thread with another Amazon (not called Nubia, though that's clearly who she was) throwing in with the bad guys.

  • At September 01, 2006 9:46 PM, Blogger kalinara said…

    r.nav: I'd go for that!

    loren: I agree actually. If they can drop the many lives thing and give her one concrete backstory, it'd be perfect. The mess dominates any Donna story but if they clear it up they could really show her unique perspective.

    Zaratustra: That's my next blog entry...sorta :-)

    Rab: You're right! That's what I get for posting tired. :-P


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