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Saturday, July 01, 2006

On a more positive note:

The convention was fun today! I didn't ask anything at this DC panel, but there was lots of interesting discussion. I also ended up giving blood, because I was there and had a whim. It was the usual. Got cookies and water out of the deal though!

But most awesomely, I found Young All-Stars!

I could only afford 1-21, because of my post-ticket budget, but still, how awesome is that?!

I also met Johanna Draper Carlson there. She's incredibly nice! And the booth she was helping out had a great selection! (I wished I could buy something, but again...budget. Ack).

So yeah, probably not going to be able to do much tomorrow on account of having to leave (12 hour drive...Roommate has work on Monday), so I can't go to the third DC panel or the writing workshop, which makes me sad.

But I really did have a good time. Next time I'll have to make sure I come with money...and I don't end up speeding in Virginia. :-)


  • At July 01, 2006 4:58 PM, Blogger Tom Bondurant said…

    Speaking as someone who moved to Virginia from Kentucky last year, and therefore spent many many hours on the West Virginia Turnpike and stuck in construction traffic in all three states, I have to say Virginia isn't so bad. And for my money, I-64 between Lexington and Williamsburg is a much less stressful stretch of highway than just about any part of I-75.

    Of course, my first speeding ticket in a looooong time was from a Virginia lawman, so my enthusiasm is tempered just a bit. :-)

  • At July 01, 2006 4:59 PM, Blogger Tom Bondurant said…

    P.S. Lexington, Kentucky, that is.

  • At July 01, 2006 5:00 PM, Blogger kalinara said…

    :-) Virginia actually does seem like a nice place. It was just very foggy that morning, and well, I'm still irritated about the ticket. :-)

  • At July 03, 2006 12:25 AM, Blogger James Meeley said…


    I'm glad that you enjoyed your first Comicon experience. I know my wife was really taken aback at the first show I took her to (of course, having the Astro City creative team there certainly didn't hurt). Since then, she's become an "old hand" at it, including this year's ECCC, which she had a booth for her blog at.

    My first show was nice, but probably worse off than your's. I didn't have ANY money. All I could do was get comic autographed (which I still have all the issues in which I did from that show).

    The only momento I got, was a Spider-Man print from a (then) young up-and-comer named Aaron Lopresti. Worse than having no money, is that this was just before I got into Kyle Rayner's book, so I walked right by Darryl Banks table all weekend and never even talked to him. How I could kick myself today for that one.

    Still, I remember how overwhelming it all was. Seeing all those creators and original art and what seemed to be an endless supply of comics. It was almost like someone made a dream of mine a reality.

    I'm sure that you'll enjoy your next show even more, now that you've had a taste of things and know what to expect. Trust me, things only get better the more often you go. :)

  • At July 03, 2006 5:04 AM, Blogger kalinara said…

    It was a lot of fun! I'm definitely looking forward to next time! :-)


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