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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Kid Eternity visits a Familiar Tailor...

Look, I don't care what crap you try to sell me about Kid Eternity's white bodysuit. I've *seen* his bodysuit. But no matter what you say, in this panel of JSA 1:


That is all.


  • At March 11, 2006 4:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think he never did

    he probably just paints his costume on

  • At March 11, 2006 6:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    And neither am I.

    ...Okay, that's a lie. But it's funny.


  • At March 11, 2006 7:09 AM, Blogger kalinara said…

    anon: *shrug* Maybe.

    ven: Hah! We'll make it a club! Only the pantsless need apply!

  • At March 11, 2006 7:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I thought the same thing when I read that. I don't think there would be the same sort of problem if his butt-crack didn't go so far up. Right now, it just looks creepy.

  • At March 11, 2006 12:43 PM, Blogger Jon said…

    I like that he wears no pants, a leather jacket and a faintly formal cummerbund-type situation. The man is dressed like Porky Pig, is what it is.

  • At March 11, 2006 1:45 PM, Blogger kalinara said…

    anon: Yeah, and the fact that the colorist made the bodysuit the same color as his flesh (versus the blinding white of the shirt-part)...

    Figure it was a bit of a miscommunication somewhere, or a certain penciller and colorist have a sense of humor far too akin to mine. :-P

    Jon: Heh, I didn't think about that. That's very funny.

  • At March 11, 2006 2:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I get naked paint myself blue and chain myself to my friends and attack the Roman lines.

    But only on weekends.

  • At March 11, 2006 8:26 PM, Blogger Josh M said…

    I was once friends with the Foremost Authority on Pants, so I am uniquely qualified to confirm the fact that Kid Eternity is not, in fact, actually wearing any.

    Does anyone know if the Kid Eternity TPB that just came out is worth picking up? I was always strangely drawn to the character even though I know little about him. Kind'a the same deal with the Ray.

  • At March 11, 2006 10:24 PM, Blogger kalinara said…

    mallet: hee,

    josh: Someday, I'd like to meet that person.

    I've heard that the TPB is very good. I haven't read it myself though

  • At March 11, 2006 10:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I was just thinking about his panel; taken out of context, it almost looks like Kid Eternity is about to get raped. There's something deeply disturbing about the very idea of that happening. I'd rather not even bring up the panel on the page after that, with the Kid lying face down in the sewer (again, pantsless) with a shadowy figure slowly walking away. Mordru is one sick bastard.

    What the hell were they thinking when they allowed that panel to go through? I'm guessing it was a fiendish conspiracy involving the Illuminati and the Sea Urchin collective. I can't think of any other reasonable explanation.

  • At March 11, 2006 10:51 PM, Blogger kalinara said…

    Honestly, anonymous, I'm not shocked. I've blogged before about certain implications in JSA 18.

    Mordru and Johnny Sorrow have a lot in common...and thus will never get along.


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