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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Random Facts

Thanks to Gordon and his Wildcat facts and Ragnell and her Hippolyta Facts, I decided to do my own.

Basically I'm a sheep. :-)

Anyway, without further ado, here's my Random Facts about Mogo!

-Mogo's history and origin are not unknown, as some say. Actually, Mogo has written its own autobiography, however the tale was so impossibly provocative and moving, that it ended up banned from more than 3000 planets because the flood of tears that it inevitably inspired from every reader destabilized their ecosystems.

-Mogo did not begin life as a sentient planet, it actually started as a sentient asteroid in a sub-universe of giants. When it ended up here, all of the tiny occupants of this universe were just really confused and Mogo didn't have the heart to correct them.

-The only native inhabitant of Mogo: Chuck Norris

-Mogo does actually socialize. We're just not worthy of its attention.

-The greenery on Mogo is *not* stylized into a lantern shape because he is a Green Lantern, the Guardians made their emblem a lantern because they were so inspired by Mogo's foliage.

-Mogo has won the Green Lantern Corps beauty pageant for a consecutive span of 300 years. This year, however, it almost lost out to Kyle Rayner's ass. The tie was broken however, because Kyle Rayner's ass voted for Mogo too. It knew it couldn't compete.

-Mogo was the real reason for the Guardian-Zamaron split. As it is quite simply the most virile being in the entire universe, the Guardians were simply no comparison.

-Mogo accidently caused the Earth's ice age by blowing in its general direction.

-Mogo used to have a moon, but it started to get annoyed at how its tanning light was being blocked by solar eclipses, so it ate it.

-Mogo didn't need to call Oa for help against the Thanagarian invaders, but did anyway in order to give the little twits a fighting chance. It still didn't help.


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