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Thursday, December 15, 2005

An Open Letter to Geoff Johns:

My open letter to Mr. Geoff Johns:

Um, sir. I really like your work overall. I've enjoyed the current Teen Titans run, JSA, and Green Lantern. Not so much love for Infinite Crisis, but that's just because I find it really quite confusing. But you made sure Captain Marvel lived, so I'm happy.

Because I like those comics so much I'm really, really, hoping that you're going somewhere unexpected with the Gar/Raven thing. Because, considering their history, well, it's more than a little weird otherwise. And creepy.

(She's not going to infect him with Seeds of Trigon or whatever-the-hell-those-were again are they?)

It seems like that sort of history should be dealt with, if they're seriously going to be involved unless of course it is build up for something interesting storywise.

Also, for the record, I'd really, really personally prefer it if it's not yet another Raven-is-Evil?!-Oh no, Trigon-Brother Blood-whatever plotline. Those were old long before the new lineup and your other stories, centering around the rest of the cast, are so much better.

At the very least, please allow Raven to interact with people who aren't Gar and Cassie, so that I can pretend to care about her fate in at least as much as I care about the emotional states of the other members of the team. These guys don't have the emotional bonds with her that the previous Titans basically, it makes me care *less*.

Thank you,

P.S. Green Lantern: Secret Files and Origins...was that really meant to be quite so homoerotic? *Is* there an innocent way of reading those events? Especially now that in GL 4, you emphasized that "You've never flown with me" is indeed Hal's favorite pick-up-line.

Sorry, I just *had* to ask, you know?


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