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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Hmm, okay, so here I am. I suppose I should post something about myself.

1. I'm a female college student in my fifth and final year at Michigan State University. My major is Japanese Language and Culture, and *No* I can't say anything in Japanese to you. I can however talk to you at length about the political environment of the Tokugawa Bakufu.

2. I am all about the homoerotic innuendo, so if that creeps you out, you might want to go elsewhere. I'm pretty equal opportunity though. Femslash is fun too.

3. I like Ron Marz, I like his writing, I think he's a nice guy, and I don't think he's a misogynist. (besides, they're not real women)
3b. And I'm looking forward to his writing Ion because I know this means lots of Kyle in bondage with torn costumes.

4. I like all the Green Lanterns. All of them. Even G'nort. I love Kyle best, but I like them all.

5. I like Robin too and I don't actually think Willingham was that bad. I think he had a lot of interesting ideas... (Duty to his father vs. duty to the mission being the impetus for Tim leaving the uniform; Manufacturing an Uncle Eddie because he can't just tell Bruce "I don't want to be adopted by you"). The thing is, if I think about them, they do sound like the Tim I've been reading since A Lonely Place of Dying. It's just the execution kinda sucks. Maybe it's the pressure of too much editorial mandate (having to write for War Games and all the IC prologue stuff had to suck) or just incompatible styles. I'll be glad Robin got a new writer, but I won't throw things at Mr. Willingham.
5b. Besides, I love Fables like an unholy thing of endless glee. But I miss Bigby Wolf!

6. Not a big fan of Devin Grayson's run on Nightwing. Honestly, and this might be weird, because most female fans seem to love her, she's just too *much*. She was perfect on Gotham Knights, but given Dick's solo title, writes it like angsty fanfiction. Which is fine, for fanfiction, but not so much for an actual line. I love angst like no one's business, but damn it, there needs to be *downtime* in between traumas. A guy (and an audience) needs a break. This has the advantage of making the next traumatic event even worse.

7. I like both Kon-El/Superboy and Bart Allen/Kid Flash better in their Teen Titans incarnations than their Young Justice. It's called growing up and I like that in my characters.

8. I love Guy Gardner like a mad mad thing. This deserves its own point. I also like Cosmic Boy. (Anyone who spends an incarnation wearing only a corset in space can forgiven all the bitchiness in the world. :-P)

9. I wish they'd stop being coy and just tell us who are in the goddamn costumes. It's not going to spoil my enjoyment to know Dick's Nightwing, Tim's Robin, et cetera. It's just going to let me know if I want to commit my spending money on a freaking subscription.

10. I love Sanderson Hawkins too. Sand deserves his own comic. A silicon based, semi film-noir, surreal dream-utilizing detective drama. He should get to wear a hat too. Because...I like hats. Failing that, he should get more damn panel time in JSA.

11. I'm weirdly very shy commenting on other people's journals and will compulsively check back going "Ack, please don't hate me!" Otherwise, I'm perfectly normal.

Hmm, I suppose that is all for now. I have a post about Women in Refridgerators lined up soon. I'm also on AIM, with the screen name "Kalinara" (sans quotes) if anyone is ever interested in chatting.

Oh and a final note: Damn, the Green Lantern: Secret Files and Origins (2005) issue was incredibly, incredibly suggestive. In a way that can't be an accident. Seriously. *Someone* had to have said, "Um, Mr. Johns, it's just...well, the juxtaposition of these two scenes...well,, they look kind of gay." Someone had to have. It's just...

It's a beautiful, beautiful thing, and makes me proud to attend the same university as Mr. Johns, who is now my hero.



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