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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Me Bitching About Nothing :-P

Okay, while I admit, I might be starting to be won over by various bits of press for X-Men First Class (even though I STILL don't think it's X-Men without Cyclops. I'm irrational that way. :-P) I have to say...

Emma Frost's costume looks really stupid in this trailer.

I like Emma, generally. I criticize the character occasionally, but in general I do like the character. I've never had a problem with any of her costumes since I think it's in character (I do think it may get in the way of marketing the character to female fans, but that's a different issue), and now that she has the diamond form, it's not like she has any particular need for armor. She could go naked and be reasonably protected.

But it just doesn't look GOOD in the trailer to me. Where her costumes in the comic tend to look like lingerie, they at least look like COSTUMES. This kind of looks like she just didn't finish getting dressed.

(I'm speaking specifically of the moment where she takes diamond form and is next to the guys in tuxedos.) Of course, it's possible that the character WAS legitimately in her underwear for some reason, in which case I rescind my complaint. :-)

I suppose I just like my costumes-that-suspiciously-look-like-underwear to look either more athletic (i.e. Wonder Woman's leotard doesn't bother me because it looks like a modified sports leotard or bathing suit) or more stylized. Fredricks of Hollywood over Hanes Her Way, please. :-P


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