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Friday, December 15, 2006

Supernova and Me

Okay, this is pretty neat. It's a post compiling all the clues on Supernova's identity and some possibilities for his actual identity.

It's a really neat post! Very nice work!

I just wish that I cared by this point who Supernova is. Honestly, if the scene with Ralph had happened a little closer to Booster Gold's death, the last time it seemed like Supernova really had a significant role, I'd probably care more. Right now, I really don't.

I'm not sure what point Supernova serves for the story anymore. He started off as a kind of torch bearer for Superman and Company during the missing year. But now we have Luthor's baby superheroes sort of serving that role. At least publically. Supernova just seems pointless.

I think there's a missed opportunity here. If Supernova was supposed to be the torchbearer for the missing heroes, he got hooked up with the wrong central character. Booster Gold's plot fizzled with his death. The character he should have been linked with, the one actively involved with all this genuine heroing stuff (if more as a spectator) is Steel.

Steel has the real "current superhero" plotline, I think. He's even got the grandest of adversaries in Lex Luthor. The kids Lex is using combine elements of would be heroes and tragic dupes, basking in the public's adoration.

Now the story I'd like to see would have set Supernova up as a contrast to them. It's implied he's not a rookie hero, but it is a new identity. He came out of nowhere. He's stepping up in the hero role. Basically he's doing exactly what these kids want to do, without Luthor's backing. But aside from a bit where Luthor sputters that he's Superman, it hasn't seemed like Supernova's really involved with the Luthor/Steel storyline. And if Supernova had been more involved in Steel's plot, then he would be on panel more, and thus the mystery of who he is would, I think, seem more significant.

I might be speaking too soon of course. There are quite a few weeks left, after all. I do think that it might be too late now, at least for me. If Supernova had become more linked with another plot soon after Booster died, I might care more. Now, I think he'd just feel tacked on. Don't care.

Unless he turns out to be Snapper Carr. Because THAT would make me laugh like mad.



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