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Monday, September 15, 2014

Only maybe ONE of you will know what the hell I'm talking about.

Damnit, my goal for posting once a day (even if it is gibberish) has been thwarted.  Also, I came down with a cold.  Which sucks.  :-P

I haven't even been doing anything new.  Just watching 1970s television until my brain rots.

I have come to a weird conclusion though:

Roy DeSoto is totally Silver Age Barry Allen.

Which got me thinking what other characters could track to various superheroes.  While he predates the lad for at least 20 years, I kind of think Johnny Gage has a lot in common with Kyle Rayner.  (Goofy, earnest.  Probable undiagnosed ADHD.  Surprisingly competent on the job.  Also frequently injured.)

I'm not sure who fits for the other characters.  Except Kelly Brackett is totally Batman.  Gravelly voice, off and on relationship with a lady who totally deserves better, often an asshole.  Yep.  Batman.

It's possible I need more cold medicine...


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