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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Question (and speculation!)

If I predicted (incorrectly) something for a previous big storyline, and it didn't happen...

But it DOES happen in this current storyline...

Can I then claim I was right after all?

Because if certain rumors about Schism do turn out to be accurate, then my average of correct guesses to wrong guesses will go up to 1 in 416.

Maybe 3, since I did call both Steve Rogers and Bruce Wayne coming back to life. :-P (Sure, they're obvious. But I'm still counting them.)

Anyway, I have to admit, if the rumor of Cyclops's death in Schism is correct, it would fix a lot of my puzzlement over the storyline. For something that seemed to be teasing a big Wolverine vs. Cyclops conflict, the actual execution isn't delivering.

I mean, we've had Wolverine and Cyclops bickering. Wolverine and Cyclops having difference of opinions. Wolverine going off to drink and sulk while Cyclops gets shit done...

Basically, their standard relationship. I'm enjoying the events so far, don't get me wrong, but well...Wolverine's still following Cyclops's lead, and bitching about it. Cyclops is being fairly open with his appreciation of Wolverine, to the point of snarling at the snot-nosed brat who badmouthed him...

I'm just not seeing anything (yet) that seems to justify Wolverine breaking ranks.

But if Cyclops weren't a factor anymore, it'd make a lot more sense. Because who do we really have to take over...

Emma? Xavier? Magneto?

MAYBE Logan would still take orders from Xavier, but the others? Suddenly his breaking off makes a lot more sense.

Of course, I'd have mixed feelings about this, as Cyclops is my favorite X-Man, but on the other hand, it would be really interesting to see how this would fuck up the entire team(s). Besides, he's not just A Summers, he's THE Summers. He'll be back.

So I'm not sure if I hope I'm right or not (statistics show I'm completely wrong), but it should be interesting either way. :-)


  • At August 14, 2011 4:02 PM, Blogger Seangreyson said…

    I've been wondering the same thing. Both the prelude to Schism and the Schism series itself don't really seem to be leading to a split between Wolverine and Cyclops.

    But if Cyclops is supposed to die, then I could see the series pointing towards Wolverine taking up leadership in order to honor Scott.

    Of course Cyclops remains my favorite X-man so him dying is going to suck, since the last few writers have done a pretty good job with him.

  • At August 17, 2011 4:22 AM, Anonymous Sanseru said…

    But there are also some hints against Cyclops dying in Schism.

    For one, I think Marvel would make a much bigger fuss about 'someone will die', especially if it's a major character like Scott.
    Then we've got this November-Teaser for Astonishing #44, and it's stated, that this takes place after Schism.
    Plus, on the Cover of Uncanny #544 we see him walking away. So I guess he's rather leaving than being killed.

    But we'll see.

  • At August 17, 2011 8:32 PM, Blogger kalinara said…

    That's true. Though covers can be notoriously misleading.

    That said, I'm pretty sure he won't die now, since I'm starting to see seeds of the impending rift. :-)

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