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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Rumors Will Be A-Coming!

Ooo, apparently Avengers is starting production! That makes me happy, especially as it means there should be some good rumors coming out of it.

I'm especially happy because Captain America will be in it, and I'm guessing/hoping that it will include the unfreezing him from the iceberg. I really like that they've set it up this way, with the Cap movie in WWII and then unfreezing in Avengers, because it always seems like the other Avengers SHOULD be there when he gets unfrozen. (One of many problems I had with the 90s Cap movie. Though granted, it was probably ranked at #25 or something in terms of importance.)

Are they still planning an Ant-Man movie? I haven't heard anything about that lately, but it does seem a little incomplete without Hank and Jan. (I suppose that Black Widow could end up filling token female role, but I'm hoping that there will actually be more than one chick. Besides, size-changing is fun!)


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