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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My inner child just cheered

God. I wish I were an action figure kinda gal.


Boodika! And the Star Sapphire in that ridiculous get up. And all those details! A part of me totally wants them all!

The rest of me is sanely going "Where the hell would I put them?!"

Damn they look cool though. :-)


  • At October 15, 2009 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Now, that's some pretty quality work!
    One little beef, though: they should have gone all the way and added a built-in LED, so you could use both Boudicca's chest or Sapphire's crotch as nightlights.

  • At October 16, 2009 3:57 PM, Blogger SallyP said…

    I blush to admit that I do love action figures. I just wish that they would do an old version of Boodikka.

    They are coming out with an Arisia however, and she looks fantastic!


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