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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yay! Catching up with Comics!

You know, I gotta admit. I still don't completely understand what this Fear Itself event is entirely supposed to be about. But I'm REALLY enjoying the tie-ins. Even if they just seem like regular books with "Fear Itself" stamped on the cover. It makes me happy to see "Captain America" on so many books too!

My favorite issue though? Totally the Cyclops one-shot. Uptight, teenaged Scott! Angsting that he's uptight! (Of course!) Nagging his teammates! (Naturally!) Constantly quoting the Art of War like he memorized it! (which, well, of course he has!) Stealing bicycles and leaving contact information! (He doesn't have to be a dick about it after all!) Distracting the badguy with his lack of self-esteem before zapping him! ("One less me, but one less you? Sounds like a good trade.")

It's everything I love about Original Five!Cyclops in one adorable one-shot! Yay!

(Xavier still should have gotten that kid therapy though.)


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