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Monday, July 19, 2010

Test still kicking my ass. Hence the incommunicado non-posting thing.

But on the plus side, I totally have the best kitten ever! So cute, OMG!!! She just ate my best pair of headphones and I totally don't care!

Unfortunately, my mother might be allergic. But she's got an appointment lined up, so we're crossing fingers that it'll be fixable. Over-the-counter stuff does seem to be making a dent (just not enough of one) so we're hoping that's a good sign.

But yeah, other than that, nothing new!

Wish me luck!


  • At July 19, 2010 2:36 PM, Blogger James Ashelford said…

    Scientific experiment I ever got around to when one of my old housemates had a cat:

    Cats always land on their feet. Toast always lands butter side down.

    Butter a cat and drop...


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