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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

You may have noticed the lack of substantial posts this last week or so. This is because bar review class is pretty rough and I've been adjusting to my schedule and spending the rest of my time watching bad reality television shows that my parents dvr-ed.

I'm starting to grow fond of Dancing with the Stars. I will never understand, however, why my mother seems to like watching that Kardashian show. At least the Dancing with the Stars people DO stuff that's somewhat entertaining. (Even if not quite the way they intended.) Even though I already know who won, I'm enjoying watching famous and semi-famous people being goofy on camera.

Granted, I spend most of the time watching leering at Chad Ochocinco (he strips off the shirt a lot) or Evan Lysacek (I'm sure it shocks everyone that I have a thing for tall, thin and vaguely robotic), but I'm shallow and I don't want to think right now. :-)

I should adjust pretty soon and get back to being able to think again. Or this is going to be a long two months.


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