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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The A-Team!

I finally saw it and it was awesome!

Okay, so the plot was a little lacking, but I'd say the plot hung together at least as well as the majority of episodes, so that worked. The action was fun and crazy. The cast was really really good.

Including Liam Neeson. I know I've mocked him, but he did great!

I can't quite understand why they didn't just make Murdock a South African ex-pat, but the meandering accent worked for the character.

I was surprised to see Owlman from Watchman playing Lynch (I'm sure I knew of the casting choice before, but must have forgotten.) I almost missed him since he looked a LOT younger (and hotter) in this movie.

I liked Jessica Biel too. She was more like Colonel Decker than Colonel Lynch as "gotta catch the A-Team" types go. (I always had a weird fondness for Decker.)

They didn't use the theme music enough. But they made up for it with shirtless Bradley Cooper.

I'd see it again.


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