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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A New Blogging Experiment

Since I've been lackluster on blogging lately AND watching too much bad sci-fi, I decided to try something new!

Basically, Mario and I will be (thanks to the wonder of pause buttons and AIM) watching Earth: Final Conflict from episode one, and reviewing it in a hopefully entertaining way on our blogs.

This won't be the same as the Galaxy Ranger Recaps (which I do tend to get back to! It's just that writing recaps takes a surprisingly long time and my schedule this past year has been kicking my ass.) And hopefully, doing this as a team will mean it'll be less likely that I wander off.

Brace yourself to enjoy vicariously the following:
- Bad science! (Naturally)
- Questionable takes on Evolution (of course!)
- Even worse takes on cultural history!
- The Law does not work that way! (My favorite!)
- Politics too!
- Also the runes!
- Awesome Aliens!
- Deus-ex-Machina powers!
- Blasphemy that would make the pope cry!
- Parents that make Magneto and Professor X look competent!
- The ever-rotating cast of characters!
- Howard Chaykin!
- Magic alien technology!
- Incredibly unsubtle suicidal tendencies!
- The fact that this series is pretty much one giant dead baby joke!

It's a beautiful, wonderful, craptastic yet oddly brilliant series, and we are going to share it with you!

Whether you like it or not!


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