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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Watchmen Sequel Rumors

I'm not sure if I'm bothered by the idea of a Watchmen sequel type comic or not. Probably not, really, as I tend to share Diamondrock's take. It's good, but never seemed as legendary as I've seen other people say.

I suspect it's because I came into comics so late, when the medium's already pretty grim and gritty. I've never experienced (except through back issues) the superhero genre that Watchmen is deconstructing. Maybe that's why it's a bit lost on me.

I think a sequel's probably likely to suck though. Some universes are open and some are closed. DC and Marvel could take some event from thirty years ago in their main timelines and suddenly sequel it up no problem, because it suits that kind of storytelling. But Watchmen's self-contained and done. It'd feel weird to tack onto it.

And well, what about the characters? They're usually the reason for a sequel. But in this, the most interesting ones are dead (Rorschach), irredeemable (Ozymandias), or elsewhere (Manhattan). And the others are weak and complicit in a cover up.

I suppose after deconstructing 70s/80s comics, they could move onto deconstructing 90s/00s comics and bring everybody back., seems like that's been done already.

I would be interested in some follow up vignettes for certain characters. A glimpse of what the world after Ozymandias's plan would actually be, but a full on sequel seems pretty pointless. IMO.


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