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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hmm, okay, well. This makes me slightly LESS intrigued about Hawkman's appearance on JSA.

Michael Shanks is a good looking man, but that...just looks weird.

Then again, is there ever really a live action type guy with wings who actually looks convincing? I can't really think of any. (It's why the one, the only, thing I'll actually give that dreadful Supernatural show credit for was to have their angel reveal using shadows as wing imagery. It looked incredibly cool instead of stupid.)

Then again, does Hawkman really need to look convincing? His wings are SUPPOSED to be strap on aren't they? (Wait, for that matter, why do they bother with feathers? Feathers molt and shed and are hard to clean, and they aren't necessary for flight so...)

Possibly I'm just using this topic as an excuse to avoid my paper.


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