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Monday, September 28, 2009

things I missed

I figured since yesterday's post actually sort of contained thought (maybe :-)), tonight, I might be able to get by with a lot less.

I have been catching up on things that I've not yet blogged about. Like the fact that the Ultimate Universe still exists. I'm actually pretty surprised by this, as I kind of thought Ultimatum was pretty much a "burn the crops and salt the earth" kind of deal. I suppose now I can't complain the set-up is too similar, though.

Also somehow I missed the fact that the X-Men AU (which sounds pretty boring: "What if Jean was resurrected?" Since we know she will be, I'm guessing "Same as usual, only earlier) will also contain a story matching up Danger and Ultron.

Ultron getting a love interest that isn't dubiously incestuous. Crazy robot love? Damnit. Now I have to buy this. I better get some good scheme-y Cyclops in that deal, hmph.


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