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Monday, May 25, 2009


Well, I finally am able to access google and therefore blogger and actually blog.

Of course, now I completely forgot about what I was going to blog about. Ah well.

I did find my old contact lenses while unpacking some box or another the other day. (I briefly wore them before my right eye flaked out. I liked having peripheral vision, but damn they were a pain. And also, without glasses, I tend to look kind of bug-eyed.)

This reminded me about how weird the whole "emergency contact lenses" thing struck me in New X-Men. How exactly were those supposed to work? I mean, it could just be me, but I distinctly remember NEEDING TO OPEN MY EYES to get those annoying bastards in. Granted the X-Mansion gets destroyed a lot, as I recall, but it still seems like it'd be expensive to keep replacing the damn ceiling every morning.

Did I just miss the explanation of how that was supposed to work?


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