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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Solicit rambling

Yay! Solicits!

Weirdly, I find myself more intrigued by the Marvel solicits than DC ones this time around. Probably because of my current X-kick. And well. Reborn. Granted, I'm pretty damn excited for Blackest Night, but that's like, self-explanatory.

I think I'm most intrigued by the X-Force solicit, just for the Wolverine-Cyclops confrontation. Which, granted, Cyclops has been doing dickish things, but well, it's dickish things in the protection of family, so I kind of think Wolverine might end up being mighty hypocritical in that fight. I'm hoping for another fist-fight. Just so I can argue with my Wolverine-fanatic friend who insists that Wolverine NEVER loses.

Even though, as I'm going through these back-issues, it pretty much seems like Wolverine gets his ass kicked pretty fucking consistently. He gets up afterwards, sure, and does wreak some good havoc, bu still.

I would wonder if Logan'd pull a "you're not fit to lead us" thing and take X-Force away, except that would probably require him not to be on any of the other X-teams and I can't see that happening.

It'd be funny if he did try to take over X-Force while still remaining an X-Man though.

I'm also intrigued by the X-Men/Dark X-Men stuff. I wonder if this means Scott and Emma are broken up. I'm kind of sad about that. Creepy similarities to Jack Winters aside, she might be the healthiest relationship he's had in years. (And I say that as a Scott/Jean fan.) Maybe there's a way to keep them involved. Maybe this entire thing is a diabolical master plan. I could see that. Or he's just that much of a masochist.

(I wouldn't discount the masochism thing. I mean there was that whole "That time you raped my brain was a beautiful gift!" bit. And also, I'm reminded of the issue with Corsair, where it was all "I was mad before, but now that you've bitchslapped me, I can hug you and fall asleep in your arms." And it took how many years to finally get pissed off at Xavier?)

Dark Avengers also intrigues me because my brain translates the solicit as: "Cyclops is pissed off now. It is ON." Which would totally be the solicit I'd write if I were hired to write solicits. Also, any resurrection issue would be solicited as "Oh come on, you knew he/she/it would be back eventually. Read the damn issue."

So yeah, I'm kind of excited. Now I just need to find a good LCS for the summer...


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