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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Meme that Ate My Blog Continued

Herein I have MORE things I believe about certain characters that are not supported (as far as I know) in comic continuity. :-) Feel free to argue with me or chime in.


The Sixth Doctor - The Sixth Doctor's jacket is actually patterned after an ancient alien flag for surrender. That race did not survive long as no one could imagine something that awesomely offensive meaning anything but fight to the death.

The Tenth Doctor - Let's just say, you don't want to know how long that orange had been in the Doctor's pocket during the Christmas Invasion.

Adric - Aw. Poor annoying Adric. He's the sort of kid who probably got picked on in school something awful. Whatever the E-Space equivalent of swirlies is, you know he got it. But he probably had some decent nerd-revenge schemes in his day.

Bart Allen - In my mind, there is a special comic entitled "Bart vs. the Shinkansen". There might be terrorists involved. Also a bunch of very confused Japanese business men.

Connor Hawke - Long before hooking up with Ollie, Connor underwent a brief period of rebellion whereupon he decided to become a conservative republican lawyer. Of course he was eight at the time, but his mother still remembers that with considerable trauma. Connor's just hoping no one tells Ollie and gives him a coronary.

Eddie Fyers - Has been told of the aforementioned incident and is saving it up to tell Ollie when the archer gets a little too obnoxious. After everything Ollie's put him through, he's earned one coronary.

Arrowette - I subscribe to the theory that Arrowette is totally one of Oliver Queen's brats. It's not an original theory, sure, but it makes too much sense.

Valerie Cooper - secretly collects stamps.

Mary Jane Watson-Parker - I firmly believe that comic!Mary Jane would be quite aghast and annoyed at the Movie!version of herself. Though I suspect she'd like movie!Gwen Stacy.

Gen (Usagi Yojimbo) - Um, I actually haven't read any of Usagi Yojimbo either, so I'm going to take another pass.


More later! :-)


  • At November 11, 2008 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The scary part is, I could totally see Connor deciding to do that in a rebellious period as well. Although, about a week later, he'd have read up on the Republican party a bit more and have had nightmares for months afterward. At least that's my personal theory.

  • At November 11, 2008 3:52 PM, Blogger Anthony Strand said…

    I'm having so much fun with these posts. Nothing to add other than that, really. But good work - it's a blast reading your ideas.

  • At November 11, 2008 4:45 PM, Blogger Saranga said…

    "Connor's just hoping no one tells Ollie and gives him a coronary."
    Oh how I'd love to see that! Via the medium of Eddie Fyers of course :)

  • At November 11, 2008 6:06 PM, Blogger Menshevik said…

    Can't really see Mary Jane being that hot about the movie version of Gwen either - I think she'd prefer the Ultimate Spider-Man versions of both herself and Gwen, but maybe that's just me.
    On the other hand, Val Cooper and Bart Simpson share a secret shame. Cool.

  • At November 12, 2008 1:39 AM, Blogger LurkerWithout said…

    You're totally wrong about Cissie. Its obvious that after Ollie started blowing her off to go mack on Dinah, original Arrowette ended up in bed with teen-age Roy. Something NEITHER will ever bring up with ANYONE. This makes Cissie and Lian sisters which is much cooler than Cissie being related to Connor...

  • At November 12, 2008 8:15 AM, Blogger SallyP said…

    Ok, the one with Connor and Eddie made me happy, if only because it is so plausible.

    And actually, I rather like Lurker's idea regarding Cissie.

    I don't believe this. My Word Verification is ACTUALLY angst. It would have been SO appropriate for a reply about Nightwing.

  • At November 12, 2008 6:38 PM, Blogger Juan Arteaga said…

    If I were the writer of Green Arrow, I woud make one of his brats (Shado's kid, Connor or Cissie) a Libertarian Objetivist... just to give Ollie a coronary or an ulcer.

  • At November 16, 2008 2:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "Gen (Usagi Yojimbo) - Um, I actually haven't read any of Usagi Yojimbo either, so I'm going to take another pass."

    You should really fix that, you know. It's a VERY good book. And if you read it, you could make horrible jokes like:

    Gen: Actually believes that nonsense about powdered rhino horn being an aphrodisiac.


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