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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yet More MK/DC day I'll get bored of them.

Damnit. I really have to stop posting reactions to everything Blog@ shows for the MK/DCU game. I HATE fighting games. I have no intention of playing the game no matter how cool it looks.

But...Catwoman! In a good costume!

Though, there is a skeptical part of me wondering, as kick ass as Selina is, how the hell we're supposed to buy that she can stand toe to toe with folks like Raiden or Sub Zero. I mean, Batman, okay. He's a devious bastard and has gadgets up the wazoo. But Selina?

But then again, I never bought that Johnny Cage could be a serious combatant for anyone so if he can make it, certainly SHE can. So I'm probably thinking too hard about it. It's a fighting game. It's not supposed to make sense. :-P

I hope someone who buys the game sets Selina vs Kitana and takes screenshots. Because that would be an awesome fight., wait. What I really want is screenshots of a Johnny Cage vs. Nightwing fight. Because watching those two losers beat the crap out of each other? Priceless.

Tangentially it occurs to me that the only time I've ever played a Mortal Kombat game was a game boy edition of Mortal Kombat II. I never got very far, and the only character I could do much of anything with was the shapeshifter. For some reason though, I could only turn him into one of the ninja girls. Which i did. A lot. At the age of ten, my favorite hobby was to turn an evil shapeshifter into a transvestite.

That probably says a lot about me right there. :-)


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