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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Miscellaneous Movie Musings

Oooh, apparently there's going to be a Watchmen trailer before Batman! That should be interesting!

I'm not entirely certain whether I think it will suck or not. To be honest, I only read it once, quite a few years ago now, and don't remember very much, so I can't judge it much as an adaptation. I do remember it being fairly substantial though, so I do wonder how in the world they'll condense the whole thing. But then people have condensed larger series after all.

I do like the costumes, from what I've seen. The acting choices seem interesting. I think the story might be one of those that are a bit "too clever" though. Meaning that, in the right hands under the right circumstances, it's awesome. But one tiny element out of place, and it falls apart into a smug incoherent mess. It's usually worth the risk, but so very frustrating when it fails.

But I'm also easily distracted by action and neat costumes and explosions. (I adored V for Vendetta after all.) So I'll probably enjoy it either way. And Dark Knight promises to be awesome enough to give any of its trailers a retroactive sheen of awesomeness too.

Also, Aaron Eckhart's hot. :-P


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