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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Why I love "canon"

Heheh, following Kevin's example, Ragnell's posted why she hates the word canon.

Which perversely is the same reason I love it. I don't agree with the "must be written by one author thing" since I'd always heard "canon" comes from literature like the bible. And those books were not all written by one person. Well, unless you count "God", but He usually got His minions to do that sort of thing. What's the point of being a deity if you can't hire a secretary to take dictation?

Mostly though, it's the exact carved in stone thing that I love. Because it's so inappropriate for comics. I keep imagining these huge ten-commandment like tablets with the facts and events carved in. Then crossed out and re-carved next to it. Entire tablets get smashed.

It's like that part of History of the World part I where Moses drops the tablet "I bring you these fifteen" *crash* "ten! commandments"

Heh, I love the idea that when Emerald Dawn I and II came by entire decades of Green Lantern stone were crossed out and now with the Infinite Crisis, someone had to go to each one and carve "STET" on the top.

It just is a really really amusing mental picture. Continuity, being all clean and smooth and river like just lacks that for me.

So I use "canon" and I love it. And I snicker the whole damn time.

(Thanks Rob for the correction: Stat -> Stet. :-))


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