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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Quick Comic Reactions: (Spoiler-Lite)

These are just a string of random thoughts/reactions to this week's comics. I'll try to avoid spoilers, but I trip up sometimes, so read at own risk.

-I don't think the last page of 52 is quite the end of that story. At least I hope it's not. I don't have any major attachment to the character but I'm old fashioned and I'd have liked a more obvious redemption moment.

-On the other hand the Question/Montoya stuff was a lot of fun, really. Their interaction might be one of the best parts of 52.

-Even though she didn't appear in this comic, I'm still enjoying the new Batwoman. She's got spark, and her interaction with Renee interests me. I really want to see her clash with Bruce.

-I'm also liking Isis. She's a bit cliche thus far, I think, but appealing nonetheless. I'll be interested to see how she'll develop.

-I liked Robin this week. It's making me willing to buy the unevenness of the first OYL storyarc on sudden editorial mandate. I'm really liking Captain Boomerang too.

-Interesting that he's apparently around the same age as Robin himself. I'd have placed Owen as older. Then again, it makes sense timeline wise, I suppose. And one could blame the fact that he looks a bit older than seventeen on the same speedster thing that hyperaged Bart.

-Now that'd actually be something interesting to go into...that particular family connection. I'd buy Flash for that story.

-How old is Anissa again? I thought she went to college, so I guess that makes Owen the youngest of the Outsiders.

-Ion's steadily good. I liked Hal and Kyle's interactions, though not quite as much as I've been loving the Guy and Hal stuff in Green Lantern. When does that come out?

-Roommate is addicted to Ion now. I'm corrupting her.

-GLC was awesome. Even though I totally called all three major events (whether a certain someone lives, who's the murderer and who's the replacement) I still found it a fun read. And the replacement character seems like he/she'll be really interesting, especially as counterpart to his/her partner.

-I'm still enjoying the vague mentor-student thing going on with Guy and Soranik (Okay, SPOILER, she lives. Though really, if you actually thought she was dead, I've a bridge to sell you...because come on...Guy made a coffin and was quiet and sad. Guy Gardner. With a dead student. Quiet, subdued, with a coffin. DOES NOT ADD UP)

-Kilowog's role is intriguing me. The relationship's shifted there and I haven't put my finger on how. He's a lot more...obviously fraternal. And there was a point in GLC 1 where he seemed bizarrely gentle. Considering the way Kilowog and Guy interacted in Recharge, also by Mr. Gibbons, I can't help think there's a reason for it.

-Also, I predict sometime in the teens of this comic, Guy's going to get (temporarily) taken out hard. Because he's the focal point and the troubleshooter in a group of newbies. I bet that the next few arcs set him up with Isamot, Vath and possibly others like this one did with Soranik. Then *splat*. Take out the mentor so that the students have to fend for themselves.

-It'll totally be something gratuitous too. This is a guy who before he ever became a lantern got taken out by being slammed in the back by a bus off a cliff!

-I really really want JSA darnit. Darn Geoff Johns for needing a rest!

-But my other favorite character is now finally vaguely accountable. Yay!

-Manhunter was really good, I thought. The ending was whoa! Another wait until December. Darnit. I need a DeLorean.

-Catwoman was interesting. The ethical dilemma of using Zatanna's powers in such a way after her own issues is making me wonder. I like the bond between Holly and Wildcat.

-Checkmate's still fun. I was hoping the new Knight would be someone recognizable though. Unless he/she is, and I'm just clueless. Still, he/she seems interesting.

-The thing with the Black King and Fire seems promising. I like to see leaders looking out for their people, and I was wondering what he'd think about the thing between Bea and Waller. Should make for an interesting time.

-I don't think it's much of a spoiler to say that it looks like Alan is actually leaving. I admit, I'm a bit sad about this as Alan's perspective in Checkmate has been the biggest draw for me. On the other hand, he does tend to overpower the others.

-Also, really, he's a very uncompromising character, so any further Alan-in-Checkmate story will probably be a rehash of this one. Same conflict. Better to cut him loose.

-The eyepatch is still sexy.


  • At August 19, 2006 3:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    HOLLY NEEDS TO BE THE NEW WILDCAT. YES. Caps = vehemence. I love the idea.

    I've just started to reread the Brubaker Catwoman trades and yowza, love. Love. Love.

    As far as Kate Kane & the New Batwoman; well. I dunno. I want to see more of her with some actual characterization. Possibly from her point-of-view. I'm curious to see if Renee and the Question will be part of her supporting cast when/if she gets a series.

    Isis? I'm curious to see where she and the Marvel Family go.

  • At August 19, 2006 5:04 AM, Blogger kalinara said…

    :-) Holly as Wildcat's sidekick/successor would be awesome I think!

  • At August 19, 2006 5:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    27) At what point does Black Adam begin wearing the hood seen at the end of Infinite Crisis?

    GR: Shortly after he loses his…oh, wait…

    This give me a really bad feeling that something bad might happen to Isis...

    Also, Dooooooom! Doooooom! :D

  • At August 19, 2006 8:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    1) TOTALLY agreed on the Question/Montoya stuff. That's my favorite storyline in 52 thus far. I loved those panels where Question has his head on Montoya's shoulder while sleeping on the plane. It just shows how far their relationship has developed. AND, it's totally believable how much its developed.

    2) I think Robin said that Captain Boomerang was "not that much older" than he was and not the same age. So, that could put him in his early 20s, which is the way I imagine him. Whatever the case, I, too, am liking Captain Boomerang as a hero. I always felt he was out of place amongst the villains, but like the fact that he's a hero that people can't trust fully still.

    3) I loved the issue of Manhunter. I'm so glad that this series was given at least a 5 issue reprieve because it's one of my favorite series out there. It's got strong women, gay men who aren't afraid to be gay and kick ass action. I encourage anybody who hasn't bought an issue of Manhunter to START ON ISSUE 26!

    4) Agreed on Alan Scott as the White King. I loved him in that role, but, I agree, he was almost overpowering. I hope, hope, hope that his recommendation does become the new White King. Now, that, should be interesting...

  • At August 19, 2006 8:44 AM, Blogger Steven said…

    This give me a really bad feeling that something bad might happen to Isis...

    Considering Brainiac is supposed to destroy a country, I've got a really bad feeling about Kandhaq.

    And the new Knight is a "descendent" of THIS CHARACTER. (mild spoiler at the link, though, if you can't guess who the new Knight is going to be by the middle of the book, you aren't paying attention)

  • At August 19, 2006 11:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Green Lantern Corps was a good read wasn't it? Green Lantern doesnt' come out till August 30th
    unfortunately. However, like you, I am enjoying the interaction between Kilowog and Guy. And the little plot twist with Isamot was cute!

    Depressed about Booster though.

  • At August 19, 2006 12:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I agree with you re: 52 and Catwoman. Haven't read Checkmate yet.

    --Shelly, posting anonymously due to an itty beta Blogger bug.

  • At August 19, 2006 2:18 PM, Blogger ComicBookGoddess said…

    As I said last night, I have my own betting on the disposition of Mr Gold.

  • At August 20, 2006 3:31 AM, Blogger Sano said…

    My guess is that what you have here with the new Knight is a legacy character- Rucka apparently decided to create a French version of female James Bonds, and named them 'Mademoiselle Maries'. Not much more I can tell about that, but knowing who the original Mme. Marie was would probably give you an idea what's up with the new Knight.

    The original Mademoiselle Marie was a French Resistance ally of Sgt. Rock's during World War II. Excellent in disguises, covert actions, and espionage.

    See here:

  • At August 20, 2006 9:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm enjoying the Question/Montoya story...glad the treatment by the guards wasn't too graphic or shown to progress any the defiant look on her face as she's lead down the hall and the fact she saves 'Charlie'...

    What was up with Zatanna on the cover of Catwoman? I know that Hughes likes to draw...ample...women, but it looked like she had two melons in a push-up bra...the cut of her outfit would require a very close shave and where were the fishnets? Now, class, use the 'word verification' phrase in a sentence: Hughes has a lot of bvvvda(pronounced 'bravado') to draw Zatanna that way...:o


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