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Friday, March 10, 2006

Random Ridiculous Realization #14:

Ganthet is an evil genius.

Way back when, Ragnell posted this. Basically a look at how Guy was the scariest person in the universe because of his friendship with Kyle. The Guardians love (loved? Who knows what's happening in Ion yet) Kyle. They've let him get away with things that would have gotten other Lanterns expelled, his disobeying direct orders in the R-T miniseries merely led to Kilowog gently guiding the boy out of battle, and they greeted him with adoration when he appeared in the audience chamber in Recharge.

And the thing is, Kyle's humble enough to never realize how much they love him. He'll never be in the position to abuse that regard because he's never gonna notice it exists, and if he were aware of that special treatment he'd refuse it.

But Guy noticed (even remarked on it a few times) and Guy is/was Kyle's partner. Which means that like in Ragnell's post, he could stretch that influence to get away with pretty much *anything* with just a slap on the wrist. And Guy is both perceptive enough to notice and would totally abuse it if he felt it were necessary...or amusing.

Now at the beginning of Recharge, I'd thought that it was going to end up with Guy as an instructor sort and Kyle as something akin to the Commander of the Lantern Corps. And if Guy were in a position that's easily abused *before*, as one of the closest friends of the young, sweet and always forgiving Commander...?

Nothing in the universe would be safe.

But Recharge didn't go that way. It ended with Guy stepping up, taking charge, using his own brand of...unique charisma, and his innate understanding of people (which, of all the Earth Lanterns, he's actually best at. That's how he's able to piss off so many people with so little effort :-P) to take charge and inspire.

And the Guardians made *Guy Gardner* the first of the Honor Guard. Which seems to mean, *he* is going to be a Commander in the Corps.

And as frightening as that's a brilliant stroke.

Guy takes being a Lantern seriously. He also takes his role as a mentor seriously. He's always been good with Kyle. He used to be a teacher and a social worker. And if you pay attention to his behavior in Recharge, you'll notice that most of the outright jackass commentary is directed to provoke the nightlights (lantern trainees) into action or get them focused in annoyance or anger so that they can do their jobs.

For all the posturing, Guy's always out to prove he's good at his job. That he's really "the best" as he claims he is. His pride won't let him do anything less than a good job, and with the nightlights depending on him, that'll make it even more important.

Guy was in the perfect position before and if Kyle had been made Commander/Honor Guard, it would have been even better in terms of having fun and wreaking havoc.

But Ganthet and the other Guardians just put him in the one position he won't be *able* to abuse at all. Nicely played, Ganthet!

(though I wouldn't be surprised if Hal finds himself scheduled for lots of boring diplomatic missions all of a sudden, heh)


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