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Monday, March 13, 2006

Beau Smith and I have the same sense of humor...

I've come to the conclusion that as my subject line says: Beau Smith (specifically when he wrote Warrior) and I have the same sense of humor.

I first came to this conclusion when reading the gender shifting issue because that was damn funny to me. (I've heard some argue it was sexist, but I thought it was hilarious. I've seen more than enough gender-shifting shit, where the guy is suddenly less capable or more emotional or some utter crap just because he's in a woman's body. Guy as a woman was exactly like Guy as a man. Same abilities, same personality. And was hot. And Dementor's entire fashion show, whatever-the-fuck-it-was made me laugh so very very hard and I got the impression that it was supposed to. So yeah. I liked it, but I digress.)

But rereading through earlier issues, I caught something else that made me laugh my ass off.

See, much as I enjoy Ron Marz's work, and I don't actually mind the whole Alexandra-in-the-fridge thing, I do find Major Force's tendency to shove love interests and relatives of the heroes into kitchen appliances incredibly, darkly amusing.

I've often joked that Kyle needs a studio apartment without a kitchen, as with his girlfriend in the fridge, his mom (though she's a facsimile) in the it'll be the cat in the freezer, the dog in the microwave, the goldfish in the toaster...

Well, in Warrior, there's a crossover in which Guy Gardner finds Major Force in his kitchen. After finding out from Kyle what happened to Alex, well he goes back, horrified, expecting to find his mom in there: (From Warrior #28)

"And that's the cat sleepin' with th' ice cubes."

Beau Smith put the damn *cat* in the freezer. The CAT in the FREEZER!!!

I love that guy.

(Also, Guy's mom's name is Louise and her murdered friend is Thelma. And that makes me snicker too.)


And as a bonus: I've always thought it was funny when abrasive, obnoxious characters every once in a while didn't focus on the obvious topic for mockery and instead went with the this, from Warrior #29:

That entire sequence = funniest thing I've seen in a long damn time. Brilliant set up from "They're all just being polite. No one would..." to the look on Arthur's face at the end.

The long hair was stupid anyway. Take it from someone who'd taken swimming lessons since 6 months old or so. Unrestrained long hair is very, VERY inconvenient underwater. :-)


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